I have been a student at Brighton Wing Chun since 2010 and have thoroughly enjoyed my kung fu classes which are taught in a clear, friendly and safe manner.
Lessons are designed to train both physical and mental agility. Practicing with Brighton Wing Chun has been a good way for me to better understand body mechanics, develop greater mental focus and build my ability and knowledge in self defense. I would definitely recommend the classes to anyone interested in Chinese kung fu.

Lilia Yip, Brighton


Since taking up Wing Chun in June 2012, I have found the classes to be very focused, clear and insightful. Everything is explained and demonstrated very well so that you know exactly what to do (or not to do). I found both instructors to be very knowledgeable and more than willing to pass on everything they know.
Wing Chun is an excellent form of self-defense which I have also found has instilled in me a greater focus and feeling of calm.
I highly recommend taking up classes with Brighton Wing Chun; it's friendly, geared towards your own development and actually maintains the traditional values of learning Kung Fu the way the Chinese saw it (I should know, I'm Chinese myself).

Ken Pang, Peacehaven

I began attending the Brighton Wing Chun Kung Fu School continuously in January 2013 (I had attended classes prior to this late 2012, however it was an on-and-off commitment at that stage).
The classes are more form and application centred than fitness which I've typically found the reverse of in other Wing Chun and martial art classes - therefore, there is more focus on the principles and techniques we are learning and we are able to grasp them more rapidly. And with two highly trained Sifus instructing the class, you always get the help you need.
The school is not just a learning and training environment, it is also a community with people from different walks of life. Nevertheless, we all naturally get along with each other.
The most inviting aspect of Wing Chun is it teaches you that power and defense does not require strain on your body - they are created best from speed and relaxation. I firmly recommend Brighton Wing Chun for anyone who wants to learn a Kung Fu martial art.

Zeke Ayonrinde, Hove

I have been attending Wing Chun since July 2012 and have found the classes to be well rounded and informative with an emphasis on effective and straight forward self defense.
The classes have a friendly relaxed environment and are welcoming to beginners and the Sifus have a wide range of knowledge and explain every detail in a clear and concise manner.
I would recommend it to anyone looking to further their knowledge of martial arts and self defense.

Sean Duke, Seaford